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At Momkus LLC, our Illinois corporate and business attorneys provide counsel and advice to entities of all sizes. We assist with the preparation and negotiation of virtually all legal agreements as well as the planning and formation of complex business entities. Our business law attorneys have in-depth experience with all day-to-day legal matters, including employment issues, loss prevention, distribution systems, and mergers and acquisitions.

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Areas of Business Law

  • Commercial Bankruptcy: Momkus LLC represents both creditors and commercial clients in bankruptcy cases, and we provide assistance to individuals or entities who have been appointed to manage an insolvent business during receivership.
  • Commercial Real Estate: Any form of real property that generates (or assists in generating) income falls under the auspices of commercial real estate law. Commercial real estate may also cover any transaction in which property is leased or rented by or to a business. Our experienced legal team handles all aspects of commercial real estate law for our clients. 
  • Commercial Transactions and Contracts: When a business transaction touches on a wide number of complex and rapidly-changing areas of law, such as Internet commerce or financial securities regulation, our business lawyers can ensure that your transaction is legally sound and effectively accomplishes your goals.
  • Employment Law: Employment law covers all parts of the employer/employee relationship except those covered by collective bargaining and labor laws. With thousands of federal and state statutes, judicial decisions, and administrative regulations governing many aspects of employment, our business attorneys ensure that our clients understand which rules take precedence, as well as when and how to work within them to minimize risk.
  • Environmental Compliance: The regulatory bodies that govern the interaction between businesses and the environment are powerful and can be difficult to navigate. Our environmental compliance attorneys will help your business obtain the necessary permits, develop self-auditing programs to ensure that compliance remains steady, and assist in representing your business in any civil proceedings involving environmental agencies.
  • Financing & Lending: Momkus LLC handles all aspects of capital structuring, financing, offerings, and acquisitions. We also represent our clients in matters of structuring, negotiation, documentation, and closing loans.
  • General Counsel Services: Our corporate attorneys serve as general counsel for companies both large and small. We work with the management team of each client to effectively and efficiently handle all their legal affairs.
  • Healthcare Law: There have been several recent changes to federal health care law under the Affordable Care Act of 2010 and its implementation. These changes apply to businesses in different ways depending on their size and type. Our business attorneys ensure that our clients follow all federal and state health care laws and regulations. We also handle legal issues for doctors, clinics and other health care providers.
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Sales and Purchases of Businesses: Entities that plan on expanding or contracting through acquisition or divestiture must ensure the terms of the deal are in their best interests. Our business legal team assists our clients in each area related to the merger, acquisition, sale or purchase of a business.
  • Technology, Trade Secrets, Trademarks and Copyrights: Intellectual Property theft is a growing problem in our global economy. On the other side, some companies are falsely accused of stealing what is alleged to be intellectual property. Our experienced intellectual property litigation attorneys help clients with all issues related to this area of the law.

If you need a firm to handle a full range of legal matters related to your business, contact Momkus LLC for a consultation. Our business law attorneys provide experienced counsel and advice to clients throughout Illinois.

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