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The attorneys in the environmental law practice group at Momkus LLC collectively have over thirty years of experience representing clients in a host of environmental matters. Specifically, our lawyers have worked with major clients on both a state and national level and are thoroughly knowledgeable about all rules, regulations and statutory provisions that apply to their cases. Our seasoned team of environmental lawyers are also highly familiar with the various regulatory agencies that enforce these laws, as they interact with them on a regular basis. Our attorneys are experienced counselors and litigators at both the trial and appellate levels and, therefore, can provide our clients with a broad range of services that will meet their environmental law needs, including performance of due diligence, litigation, assistance with compliance matters, strategic planning, permitting, audits, and civil and criminal enforcement proceedings.

Our highly qualified legal team focuses on complex environmental laws and their impact on industries. Our attorneys represent business clients in the following areas of law:

  • Toxic tort cases, including class action claims involving community drinking wells.
  • Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA): Also known as “Superfund,” this law was passed by Congress in 1980 to create a tax on the chemical and petroleum industries and gave the Federal government broad authority to respond to releases of hazardous substances that were deemed dangerous to the public health or environment. Our environmental team represents businesses in defending themselves against Superfund liability for remedial costs and natural resource damage claims.
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA): This law provides general guidelines for the federal waste management program. It establishes a system for controlling hazardous waste from the time it is generated until its disposal (from “cradle to grave”) and directs the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop a comprehensive set of regulations to implement it.
  • Clean Water Act: Passed by Congress in 1972, it provides for the regulation of the discharge of pollutants into U.S. waters and regulates surface water quality standards.
  • Clean Air Act. Passed by Congress in 1970, it regulates the emission of air pollutants from stationary and mobile sources.
  • Complex environmental legal projects: We prepare environmental impact statements, plan the siting of new waste disposal facilities, and assist companies in the administration of environmental legacy claims. The latter involves the coordination of governmental regulatory agencies, environmental contractors, and experts, as well as the pursuit of cost recovery from other parties.

Our attorneys are seasoned, highly knowledgeable, and very capable counselors and advocates. Please contact our office through e-mail or call us at 630-434-0400 today to discuss your environmental compliance needs with one of our experienced attorneys.

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