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The seasoned team of legal professionals at the financing and lending group of Momkus LLC is experienced at handling a wide variety of complex banking and commercial loan transactions. Our attorneys successfully draft and prepare financing and loan documents for banks and review documents for our clients who are seeking to secure the financing necessary to the functioning and growth of their businesses. From drafting loan and security agreements, to assisting clients in securing private placements, our attorneys have the skills and knowledge necessary to help you with your lending and financing needs.

A Broad–Based Finance and Lending Practice

Our attorneys assist lenders and borrowers in many different kinds of loan transactions, including:

  • Loan and Security Agreements – Our team of financing and lending attorneys are highly skilled at drafting loan agreements backed by collateral. At Momkus LLC, we assist banks acting as lenders as well as businesses seeking to negotiate favorable transactions to help them grow their enterprises.
  • Promissory Notes – These legal instruments are used in many kinds of business deals and are often included as a part of loan transactions and security agreements in addition to any liens that may be included in the agreement to secure the loan. We help our clients to draft promissory notes that are fully protective of their interests.
  • Mortgages and Other Secured Transactions – Our attorneys are experienced in drafting and negotiating many kinds of secured loan transactions, whether involving real estate as a security or any other type of collateral.
  • Equipment Leasing – Many of our business clients wish to enter into a lease rather than purchase equipment. We advise clients as to the practical advantages and tax benefits of having their payments appear on their balance sheets as a monthly expense pursuant to the lease rather than as a capital item.
  • Factoring and Inventory and Receivables Financing – To have a consistent cash flow, some of our clients enter into loans secured by their business’s inventory and/or a percentage of their expected accounts receivables. In factoring transactions, the business borrows a percentage of their expected income up front, and pays back to the lender 100% of the income once it comes in.
  • Private Placements – We advise businesses in attracting investors, without having to comply with the many regulations involved in a public offering, by following the Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) safe harbor rules regarding private placements.
  • Construction and Development Loans – We assist developers seeking financing for their building projects as well as lenders providing the funds. These loans are paid out in stages through a process referred to as a “draw,” as the builder certifies the completion of each phase of construction.

Our attorneys’ extensive experience assisting clients on both sides of loan transactions makes us uniquely suited to offer creative solutions and alternative approaches that can help our clients, both lenders and borrowers. Please contact our office through e–mail or call us at 630-434-0400 today to discuss your Financing and Lending needs with one of our experienced attorneys.

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