Addressing Child Custody and Parenting Time During the Holiday Season

Lisle parenting time attorney holiday child custodySeveral holidays take place during the end of the year. While most people get excited about spending time with their family and friends, it can be a stressful time for divorced parents who may be uncertain about where their children will be spending the holidays. Illinois courts recognize that children need to spend time with both of their parents, including during the holidays. This means that most parenting plans will not only include a schedule for parenting time throughout the year, but they will also include a schedule for how holidays will be handled.

Arranging Holiday Parenting Time

Most schools close over the winter break, and many parents also get time off from work during this time. While some divorce documents outline how parenting time should be handled over the holidays, not all of them do, especially if the divorce was not contested. If you would like to ensure that you have the time you deserve with your children during the holidays, there are a few ways that you can do so:

  • Work with your ex-spouse to alternate holidays every other year. Holidays can be assigned to each spouse, and these holidays can be swapped every other year. This will allow children to spend equal time with both parents during the holidays.
  • Schedule each holiday twice. Determine two dates that your children can celebrate each individual holiday. Then, the children can spend one of the dates with you and the other with your ex-spouse. For example, you could celebrate Christmas on December 23rd, and your ex-spouse could celebrate Christmas on the 25th.
  • Split the holiday in half. In this plan, you will spend half the holiday with your children, and your ex-spouse will have them for the other half of the day. Special planning and coordination are often required for this type of arrangement.
  • Determine if some holidays are more important than others. There may be some holidays that you feel are more significant, and some that your ex-spouse may feel are more important. If this is the case, you may be able to work out an arrangement so that each of you gets to spend time with your children on the holidays that are most important to you.

Resolving Holiday Parenting Time Issues

No matter how hard they try, sometimes divorced parents are not able to reach an agreement for parenting time over the holidays. If this happens, the court will make a decision that they feel is in the best interests of the children. Once this parenting plan is in place, the parents need to work together to ensure that the court’s orders are followed correctly.

Contact a DuPage County Divorce Lawyer

If you have questions about holiday parenting time or are having other child custody issues, you should contact an experienced Lisle family law attorney. The lawyers at Momkus LLC will listen to your needs and help you determine your legal options, working to ensure that you will be able to spend the holidays with your children in the way you deserve. Contact us today at 630-434-0400 to schedule a consultation.


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