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As an employer, it is important to know the difference between when a worker is considered an employee and when they are considered an independent contractor. There are tax implications for both types of workers, and it is important that … Continue reading

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Consider a common scenario that plays out in the small business world: three friends who are all beer enthusiasts and amateur brewers get together one evening after months of talk, and they finally decide to go into business together and … Continue reading

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If you employ minors, there are certain rules and regulations that the state of Illinois requires you to follow. A violation of minor labor laws could result in strict fines and even open you up to a workplace lawsuit. While … Continue reading

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Shareholders in Illinois corporations are allowed to bring a lawsuit on behalf of the corporation for wrongful actions taken against the corporation, usually as a result of misconduct by the directors or officers of the corporation. Shareholders who file derivative … Continue reading

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Business directors and officers are sometimes sued in connection with their duties as directors and officers in a business or company. When this happens, the director or officer involved may be able to avoid being financially liable for the lawsuit … Continue reading

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