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Several holidays take place during the end of the year. While most people get excited about spending time with their family and friends, it can be a stressful time for divorced parents who may be uncertain about where their children … Continue reading

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When you prepare for marriage, you will likely focus on things like where the wedding will be, what kind of flowers you need to order, and which people you are planning to invite. The possibility of your marriage coming to … Continue reading

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Premarital agreements are often associated with the wealthy. The cliche goes as follows: A young, attractive woman weds an older, wealthy man who insists on signing a premarital agreement in order for the marriage to occur so that he does … Continue reading

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Millions of women, and men as well, are trapped in a cycle of┬ádomestic violence┬áthat keeps them from leaving their abusive partner. According to the Domestic Violence Round Table, the cycle consists of three phases: the tension building phase, the acute … Continue reading

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Even with a court ordered parenting plan in place, divorced or separated parents sometimes find that co-parenting is not easy, and can still result in many disagreements. Some parents find that because the other parent dislikes them, they do everything … Continue reading

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