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There are numerous reasons that parties enter into contracts; in general, they are related to a product and/or service that is to be provided by one party to another. However, even the most carefully written contract cannot account for every eventuality. When one party is not fulfilling their obligations under a contract, various relief options are available. If you are involved in a contract dispute, it is important to speak with a skilled commercial litigation attorney to advise you of your rights.

At Momkus LLC, our commercial and civil litigation group has extensive experience representing a wide range of individuals and industries in contract disputes. In addition, our appellate practice group has successfully appealed and defended appeals in all types of business disputes in both state and federal courts. We put our experience to work to craft the most practical solution to effectively and efficiently obtain appropriate relief for our clients. We also provide an in-depth analysis of your contracts, as well as an opinion of your rights, obligations and remedies, all with an eye toward potential litigation.

Contract disputes can occur in all types of agreements, including:

Contract Disputes in Illinois

A breach of contract occurs when one party fails to perform under the terms and conditions of the agreement. Determining if one party is in breach of contract is not always easy. Contracts are often written vaguely and in a subjective manner. Also, if written by the legal counsel of the other party without the opportunity for you to review, it may be worded in a way that makes it more difficult to obtain relief.

There are numerous options for obtaining relief in contract disputes, including:

  • Contract Rescission;
  • Monetary Damages;
  • Injunctive Relief;
  • Declaratory Judgment;
  • Specific Performance; and
  • Recovery of Attorney Fees.

At Momkus LLC, we help our clients obtain the relief that is appropriate for their circumstances. There are times when this can be accomplished through strong negotiation. Other times a contract may call for arbitration or mediation. If these methods are not successful, our skilled litigation team stands ready to take your case to court.

Obtaining a court judgment may not always be the end of the contract dispute. Winning the judgment is one thing, but collecting on it is another. We deliver a comprehensive solution that includes utilizing the most effective judgment enforcement and recovery methods.

If you believe another party you entered into an agreement with is in breach of contract, or you are being accused of breaching a contract, contact us today at 630-434-0400 for a consultation. We will sit down with you to analyze your agreement and determine the best way forward to obtain appropriate relief. We provide counsel and advice from our team of experienced contract dispute attorneys in DuPage County, Chicago, Cook County, Kane County, Will County, Lake County, McHenry County, Kendall County, DeKalb County and throughout Illinois.

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