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Property owners may face an array of legal issues, some in relation to prior or subsequent owners (such as disclosure issues or purchase contract disputes), some with governmental entities (such as zoning or permitting), others with neighbors (including boundary disputes, nuisance, and trespass, and still others with third parties (such as broker disputes, foreclosure and other actions by lending institutions). Real estate and zoning disputes can be costly, and in order to prevail, it is important to have strong legal counsel in your corner.

At Momkus LLC, our experienced Commercial and Civil Litigation team has handled all kinds of residential and commercial real estate and zoning cases. We are a business-oriented firm with in-depth knowledge of business law, commercial transactions and contracts, zoning, development and land use and other real estate-related legal matters. Our attorneys are responsive and practical with an unwavering commitment to protecting the interests of each client we serve. We work closely with our clients to develop a comprehensive solution based on your needs and goals to successfully resolve your legal issues.

Real Estate and Zoning Disputes

Real estate is governed by complicated laws and regulations often involving multiple governing bodies with conflicting statutes. This is why most real estate contracts are long and complex, particularly in the commercial realm. We understand that real estate is typically among the largest assets a business owns, and we help clients navigate the confusing world of commercial real estate to ensure that their most valuable investments are protected. When a dispute arises with another party, we are there to help resolve it through negotiation, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) or litigation.

Real estate and zoning disputes can arise over numerous issues, including:

  • Breach of Lease: Commercial landlord-tenant disputes may arise over issues such as failure to make timely payments, failure to properly maintain the premises and failure to utilize the space for its stated purpose (according to the contract).
  • Breach of Contract for Property Sale: When land is being sold for development, certain timelines and contingencies are often written into the contract. When these conditions are not met, it may become a breach of contract issue.
  • Banking and Financial: When property owners are in violation of their financing agreement, lending institutions may take actions such as foreclosure to obtain relief.
  • Construction Disputes: Multiple parties are involved in commercial construction projects. Disputes can arise when one or more party fails to live up to its contractual obligations.
  • Zoning Violations: Zoning and land use disputes often occur when commercial developers are in violation of zoning or permitting requirements.
  • Environmental Compliance: When builders and land developers are not in compliance with environmental laws and regulations, they may face action from the EPA or another regulatory body.

Our attorneys put their experience to work to aggressively advocate for your interests and bring about the most practical and effective resolution to your dispute.

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